Salt Ayre Circuit

Closed Circuit Time Trial Course - 10 miles (12 and a half circuits)

Held under Cycling Time Trials Regulations

Seniors £3, Under 18s free.


Salt Ayre Sports Centre, between Lancaster and Morecambe.

Drive into the Sports Centre, and continue past the buildings through to the car park at the rear. At the end of this car park, go right through a gate onto a parking area. If you are driving a large vehicle or carrying a bike on a roof rack, watch out for the height restriction here. Continue on foot through to HQ on the grassy area on the left, just near the edge of the circuit.

Course description:

Course is on a tarmac cycling circuit, generally good surface, but there may be some gravel on the bends.

Start at the path that bisects the circuit, adjacent to HQ. Start in a westerly direction to encircle the circuit anti-clockwise. Each lap is 0.8 miles.

Finish in an easterly direction opposite the path that bisects the circuit and the Start point.

Race Distances:

2 miles              2 and a half laps

6 miles              7 and a half laps

10 miles            12 and a half laps

Specify distance selected at Signing On. Shorter distances are offered principally for younger and novice riders.

Note: the maximum number of riders allowed is 40.

General Safety Points:

It is a condition of riding on the circuit that ALL riders wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard.

a)      Riders must NOT ride with their heads down.

b)      Always ride in an anti-clockwise direction, keeping to the left and overtaking on the right

c)      Riders must NOT STAND on the circuit at the Start or Finish or anywhere else.

d)      Riders must NOT STOP on the circuit after passing the Finish timekeeper. (No times will be given to either riders or supporters at the Finish.)

e)      Always be alert for riders when crossing the circuit to get to or from the Start and Finish.

f)       Competitors may vary significantly in terms of age, speed, experience and expertise. Please be alert to these differences.

External hazards: Dogs, pedestrians, runners, balls etc may suddenly cross onto the cycle circuit.

Whilst there will be event warning signs at key access points, you need to be alert to this possibility at any place on the course.

A full copy of the Risk Assessment is on display at event HQ.

Race Instructions and Other Warnings

1.      Warming Up – you may warm up on the circuit from 20 minutes before the first rider.

The circuit must be cleared before the first rider starts, after which time no warming up is permitted.

(Do not use the adjacent cycle path for warming up.)

2.      Line up to Start on the path or grass inside the circuit, not on the circuit itself.

The Start area will be demarcated by cones that extend onto the circuit.

Riders already racing must be alert for riders joining the circuit, and move out slightly to avoid the cones.

3.      Ride on the left-hand side of the circuit, moving out to the right to overtake slower riders.

4.      The circuit has tighter bends than you generally encounter on the road, particularly at the end of the straight after the Start.

Some riders may find it difficult to ride on tri-bars round these bends.

 5.      Take particular care if overtaking on a bend. Remember that the rider in front may move out on the approach, or drift wide on the exit.

 6.      Drafting is not permitted. If you catch another rider, you should pass as soon as possible or drop back.

We are relying on riders to police themselves, but marshals will be alert and monitoring this potential problem.

 7.      It is your responsibility to cover the correct distance. You should maintain your own lap count or monitor your distance using a cycle computer.

There may be a marshal to count your laps, but this is a back-up and to assist the timekeeper.

8.      As you cross the Finish line you should SHOUT your rider number clearly to inform the timekeeper that you are finishing.

 9.      After crossing the Finish line, continue to ride at a reasonable pace, keeping to the left, until you reach the Start area.

Stop and dismount with care. Do not continue riding on the circuit after you have finished racing.

Do not use the public cycle path to warm down.