Lune Valley 25mile TT course

Course description:

Start on A683 approximately 1/4 mile east of Dennybeck at last kerbstone on north side of road 50 yards east of lay-by on opposite side of road. Proceed along A683 through Caton and Hornby to Greta Bridge, junction of A683 and A687 (M). Bear left onto A683 and continue through Tunstall and Burrow to turn at a point 52 yards north of electricity supply pole no. KLB21, 788 yards south of junction with A65. The turn is marked '2T5' (M). Turn and retrace on A683 via Greta Bridge, Hornby and Caton to finish at P (Parking) sign at east end of lay-by and 75 yards Lancaster side of the start.

Instructions to riders:

1.      Riders must give their number at the finish and elsewhere on the course if requested.

2.      Riders must NOT STAND in the road at the start or finish. (This constitutes obstruction and is a breach of Regulations).

3.      Riders must NOT ride with their heads down.

4.      Riders must NOT STOP on the road after passing the Finish timekeeper. (No times will be given to either riders or supporters at the Finish.)

The following Local Regulations have been approved by the National Committee in accordance with Regulation 38. Any breaches may lead to disciplinary action.

Local Reg No 5. In ALL events, competitors prior to starting are not permitted to ride past the finish timekeeper during the duration of the event.

Local Reg No 6. Any competitor making a 'U' turn in the vicinity of the start or finish will be disqualified from the event.

A full copy of the Risk Assessment is on display at event HQ. Riders should note that they need to take particular care at the following points on the course:

a)      Several of the villages on the route have rumble strips at the entrance and exit to the village. These may be elevated and also can be hazardous in wet conditions.

b)      The descent and returning ascent through wooded area near Scarthwaite caravan park includes rumble strips and two deceptively tight bends. These can be hazardous in wet conditions. Riders should take GREAT CARE not to take the turns too wide relative to oncoming traffic.

c)      In the centre of Caton Village, on both the outward and homeward legs, give way to traffic already on the mini roundabout and do not ‘cut’ the central area which may be hazardous in wet conditions. Give way to pedestrians using the pedestrian crossing.

d)      On the brow of the hill beyond Farleton on the A683, there is a small risk of standing traffic waiting to turn right onto the road to Wray. This junction also needs to be approached with care on the return leg of the course.

e)      On the outward leg, there is a sharp left turn in the road at Hornby, with possible traffic joining from the right from the minor road from Wray. Riders should take GREAT CARE not to take the turn too wide relative to oncoming traffic. This instruction also applies to the sharp right turn at this point on the return leg.

f)        The turn at Greta Bridge should be taken with GREAT CARE. This is a sharp turn and it is easy at speed to take the turn wide, crossing the white line into the oncoming lane and possible traffic. A marshal will be positioned at the turn and will report competitors who ride without due care and attention at this point.

g)      Turn in Road at 12.5 miles. Riders are advised that there is limited visibility for traffic approaching from direction of Kirby Lonsdale and from behind (direction of Hornby). The road is also quite narrow at this point. A marshal is present to mark the turning point but the onus is on the riders to make a safe manoeuvre to negotiate the turn.

h)      In the vicinity of the Finish, be aware of spectators and traffic entering/leaving the lay-by.

In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. For Juvenile and Junior riders the wearing of such helmets is compulsory.

You are reminded that you must comply with traffic law and the Highway Code.