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  1. Investigation: What would it take to beat a pro?

    (Daniel Gould)
    Just how much fitter would you have to get to keep pace with a full-time pro? CW fitness editor David Bradford lays his data on the line and dares to compare
  2. 'Yorkshire was a once in a lifetime experience, unless you compete in Glasgow 2023': Katie Archibald column

    Am I explicitly speaking to Scottish rider John Archibald who was gushing in interviews about his "once in a lifetime" opportunity? It's very possible.
  3. Tweets of the week: Tom Pidcock, Elinor Barker, Sam Bennett and more

    The best tweets from the cycling world this week (Picture: Twitter/@TomPid)
    As we all know, cyclists and social media are often a fantastic combination, allowing the fans a behind the scenes look at what goes on in and around the professional peloton.
  4. Bahrain-Merida fire rider and sports director over Operation Aderlass doping scandal

    Kristijan Koren was pulled from the Giro d'Italia after being linked with a doping scandal (Photo: Yuzuru SUNADA)
    Bahrain-Merida has fired a rider and a sports director after they were banned by the UCI for their links with the Operation Aderlass blood doping scandal.
  5. Boels-Dolmans outlines profitability of women's cycling whilst seeking sponsors

    Photo by Luc Claessen/Getty Images
    The team highlighted that top tier women's teams are operating on a tenth of the budget when compared with men's outfits