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  1. Tweets of the week: Jeremy Clarkson on a Lotus and a sleeveless Orlando Bloom

    Jeremy Clarkson (Getty)
    Maybe the oddest cycling the world
  2. Milan-San Remo 2020: Route and start list

    The peloton in Milan-San Remo
    All you need to know about the first monument of spring 2020
  3. Hot weather cycling: five tips to help you keep your cool

    Cycling in hot weather
    A spell of hot weather needn't stop you enjoying your riding, as long as you take some precautions to prevent over-heating and dehydration
  4. Cycling Weekly club 10 on Zwift every Wednesday

    The race is free to enter and open to anyone on the virtual platform
  5. CW5000 August Challenges

    As the long, warm summer days continue we’re tailoring our August challenges toward long days in the saddle and bigger mileage. And for the first time we’re stipulating that you can’t combine the two challenges in one ride. Both need to be done on separate days as we look to help you to increase your […]