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  1. Cycling world pays tribute to Belgian cycling legend Patrick Sercu

    Patrick Sercu (Tim De Waele/Getty Images)
    Sercu died at the age of 74 on Friday
  2. Founding member of Team Sky Rod Ellingworth will leave to join Bahrain-Merida

    Rod Ellingworth (left) and Geraint Thomas at the 2013 Tour de France (Picture: Getty Images)
    Founding member of Team Sky Rod Ellingworth will be leaving the British outfit for Bahrain-Merida.
  3. Riding the Mortirolo: Cycling's toughest climb

    The Mortirolo’s name derives from the Italian 
for ‘dead’ and its 32 torturous turns certainly make you long for the end, as Paul Knott found out
  4. What do you think of indoor training?

    Click here to respond to our indoor cycling survey Indoor cycling is a great way to stay fit when you’re limited on time, or when weather conditions get in the way of spinning down the country lanes we know and love over the summer months. There’s several different ways you can get your pedal fix indoors: […]
  5. Zwift unveils 'Fuego Flats' course to suit sprinters and time triallists

    The new course delivers 20 kilometres of deliciously flat terrain